Saturday, August 22, 2009

Who Do "These Guys" Think They are, Smooth Criminals???

"These Guys" & ELIKI Performing "Who's Laughin Now?" LIVE at The Glasslands in Front of Hipster & Urban Chica's & Chico's.(Target Market, so if thats you, you fit right in! if NOT the be GONE)

Eliki Is amazing. Straight from Chicago, She Embodies Soul & Jazz.

But Check out Teens White Shoes! Who does She Think she is?? & Both Of Them with These Damn Blazers! What are They trying To start Something New??

Idk But its actually Pretty Great.
If you want To hear the Real version of "Who's Laughin Now?" Tune into Myspace

Plus SO much more coming SOON!
Enjoy The Video.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'M Drake,He's Weezy, I'm Gonna Show You How to Do It SO easy

So TeenBeats Made This Beat on GarageBand.
& Came Up with the concept of "I'm Drake,He's Weezy"
Where SHE was Suppose to be Drake, & Flip was Going To be Weezy
However, Flip NEVER showed up to the Studio
So She decided to be both Drake & Weezy!

Still Unmastered but Still HOT!
Check out this Video
& Sing along
SHE shows you how to do it SO easy!